At SureCrete, we put safety first as one of our core values and competitive advantages. We take a multi-pronged approach to our safety initiatives, and our efforts are rewarded with an impressive safety record that is virtually unmatched in our high-risk industry. We don’t just give lip service to safety - we embrace it as part of our company culture.

Safety and the SureCrete Culture

By encouraging a commitment to safety by all members of our team, we are able to deliver on the mission and vision we set as guiding posts for our company.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our valued clients. It is our mission to accomplish this in a timely manner, with focused efficiency and to our clients’ specifications and satisfaction. 


We are a team of dedicated individuals who strive every day to help our community grow and who take steps to improve the construction industry in an effort to bring our clients’ dreams into reality.

Our Approach to Safety

Our safety record speaks for itself. We are able to accomplish this through a multi-layer safety approach to our daily operations.
Every SureCrete employee receives extensive OSHA training and continual on-the-job training each year. You’ll find a superintendent and foreman at each of our job sites to ensure that proper safety procedures are followed at every turn.
Unlike other contracting companies, we own our equipment instead of renting it as needed. This allows us to ensure that all equipment used on our job sites is properly inspected, well cared for, and receives comprehensive maintenance to maximize safe handling.
We take proactive measures for thorough safety communication - with our employees, our clients, local utility companies, and municipal governments - to make sure we understand every angle of a job from start to finish. Our safety communication strategy is about much more than hanging a few safety posters in the office - we take actionable steps to make sure we are making the safest choices at every job site.

Why SureCrete? 

Learn about our company history, including four generations of experience in the construction services industry. Meet our team and hear the vision and mission that we stand behind as a company and bring to our work each day as a promise to our employees, our vendors, and our customers.

Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.