The seasoned professionals at SureCrete can accommodate any site preparation or excavation work needed for your next project. All excavation work is completed following our professional and transparent process for our services.

After confirming your project with us, we’ll work with you through the following phases:

Phase 1: Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys of the proposed site, layout of control points as well as building corners if applicable.

Phase 2: Erosion Control

Erosion control according to the plans, to maintain run off and erosion of loose materials.

Phase 3: Excavating

Excavating to the approved depths, while addressing the spoils according the scope of work.

Phase 4: Blue Topping

Blue topping the excavated area to ensure proper grade.

Phase 5: Fine Grading Area

Fine grading of the work area as well as dressing of soils per plans.

Phase 6: Final Topographic Survey

Final topographic survey to check grades and pass project on to next phase of work.

Excavation  Available


Whether you’re digging out the family pool or moving mounds of dirt for a custom home, the experienced professionals at SureCrete can handle all aspects of your residential project from start to finish.


The SureCrete commercial teams can tackle any aspect of more complex excavation projects, including:
Site benching
Water & chemical injections
Combined services with concrete or utilities

The SureCrete Mission

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our valued clients. It is our mission to accomplish this in a timely manner, with focused efficiency and to our client’s specifications and satisfaction.

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