Utility work requires specialized certification in many parts of the country, but our team is properly licensed to handle utility projects in multiple states across the U.S. We provide standalone utility services or fold them into a larger project - all following our professional and transparent process.

After confirming your project details with us, we’ll work with you through the following phases:

Phase 1: Estimate And Scheduling

After gathering the specifics of your project, we’ll work with you to prepare a detailed estimate and create a schedule that works within your project timeline.

Phase 2: Survey The Proposed Work Area

Survey the proposed work area, locate any existing buried utilities, and layout the location for the new utility lines according to plans.

Phase 3: Excavate

Excavate to the proper depth, allowing for adequate slope, and bench as needed per safety codes.

Phase 4: Lay Bedding Material

Lay the necessary bedding material at the base of trench, free of debris to provide a uniformly level surface.

Phase 5: Install The Utility Lines

Install the utility lines in sections, once the new section is fully seated, confirm the proper alignment and slope.

Phase 6: Backfill And Compaction

Backfill and compaction will take place after ensuring proper installation, followed by the necessary testing and cleaning, for the specific type of utility line

Utility Services Available


Our team has installed hundreds of miles of complex duct bank systems for data center, industrial, and manufacturing use cases.


Our wastewater services can help you comply with even the most stringent commercial building regulations. Underground detention systems help you control water flow and avoid costly backups or flooding.

The SureCrete Mission

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our valued clients. It is our mission to accomplish this in a timely manner, with focused efficiency and to our client’s specifications and satisfaction.

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